A Tail of Two Kitties, pt. 6


While not in the timeframe of anticipated, Remus has been introduced and is adapting amazingly well to our household. 

Initially, I was planning on working through the familiarity stages slowly, however Morgana took to him brilliantly after her wariness at the beginning. 

Remus always sleeps in my room with Morgana and I now, and no longer does Morgana wake me up at 5:30/6am with meows and a headbut. Instead, the two wake up and play with each other, or jump up on my bed to make sure I’m there, then go back to sleep on the cat tower. 

The rest of the household- the human occupants, have accepted Remus wholeheartedly, with my mother now being the queen of cat pictures. (You think I’m kidding) 

I’m so excited that everyone is gettingg along, and Morgana’s ire only lasted three days!