A Tail of Two Kitties, PT 5.

It’s been quiet over the weekend. I was out of town, so the cats were watched by my mom & sister, who dutifully sent updates and photos when my worrisome little heart couldn’t stand it. 

But oh what an eventful weekend! 

Morgana and Remus have become fairly trusting of each other- playing and napping with and around each other with ease! I was able to witness it for the first time this evening, when I re-charged my introvert battery with an evening of writing and cats in my room. 

Last evenings, Morgana spent the night in my room with me and G, to help her get used to him being around. Since she’s skittish around guys, but her last two meetings with him went well, I figured it was time. She did well, eventually settling down in a spot by our heads, keeping watch like the mother hen she is. Remus stayed in his room as usual. 

Tonight, however, the real test begins: I’m going to see how they do overnight. It’s been very quiet so far, and they’ve been in the same room for several hours. Here’s hoping the supervised long visits continue to do well!