A Tail of Two Kitties, Pt 3

Parts 2 & 3 have been fairly close together, but lots has happened over the last day!

When I got home from work last night, I spent lots of quality time with Morgana. After all, it was Black Cat Appreciation Day, and I had to let her know that she’s still my best girl. While it was just her and me in my room, I gave her some of her favorite wet food (Halo’s Spot’s Stew is fantastic, for anyone looking for a holistic wet food that is grain-free! It’s full of protein and fiber that cats young and old need. Our 17 year old cat loves it, Morgana loves it, and so does Remus! [I gave him a bit this morning.]), and just talked to her while she was sniffing around the room, investigating the lingering scent of Remus from the night before. After about 30 minutes had passed, her yowls and hisses were replaced with my purring, chirruping, sassy girl. Even after I went into Remus’s room to feed him and play with him a bit, she didn’t react to his scent on me (unless you count a glare and a cold shoulder for about 5 minutes, but no hisses or yowling!).

(remember Step 2 was Scent Familiarization)

The rest of our night was uneventful, with Morgana alternating between my bed and her climbing tree. Remus slept through the night without waking up and crying, finally rid of those pesky fleas we found yesterday! I’ll have to admit, I woke up around 3 in a panic. “I CAN’T HERE HIM. HE’S DEAD. OH HE’S EITHER ASLEEP OR HE’S DEAD.” However, he woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed (seriously. so bushy. so fluffy) around 6:30 this morning when he heard Morgana and me up wandering around.

Morgana’s reactions have lessened around Remus! She wandered over to his room, sniffing the door frame as he mewed and stuck his paws under the door. Although, she wasn’t happy when I shut her in the bathroom with me as I was getting ready. He seemed significantly louder in there, so she couldn’t ignore him. However, she yowled once or twice, but otherwise seemed unfazed, if a bit curious about the noise.

Once I finished getting ready, I went in to Remus’s room to play with him a bit, comb him for fleas, and put the oil on him again.

Side note:
When we discovered fleas on Remus yesterday, sister and my mom went out and got lemongrass oil and eucalyptus oil that they mixed into a spray. We’re putting it on Remus 2-3 times a day. While it doesn’t kill the fleas on him, it acts as a repellent. He’s already a lot more comfortable, and this morning, when I combed him again, I got a few dead ones. Since he’s a kitten, I’m never comfortable putting the flea/tick drops on him. When a $50+ product says that it’s harmful to animals if ingested, and you’re putting it ON an animal…no thanks. (Also, my sister and I get skin reactions to them, so another strike against it.)

When I had to leave the room to grab a broom & litter scoop, I left the door open and carried him with me. Surprisingly, Morgana wasn’t too angry with this. Instead of yowling or hissing, she just glared from the top of the stairs for a while, before approaching the room cautiously and sniffing around, even though Remus was scampering about.

When I was finished in his room, I gave him a bit of the wet food left over in the tin from Morgana’s breakfast, and  shut the door. THAT bit, he didn’t like. The little dude is way too curious. HOWEVER, when I scooped up Morgana a few minutes later to walk downstairs and get coffee (for me) and breakfast (for her), she purred and headbutted my chin like she normally does, even though I probably REEKED of Remus!

Later this morning, while I’m at work, my sister sends me text updates of the shenanigans at home. She’d brought down Remus into the kitchen, and Morgana, having claimed the kitchen as her favorite hang out spot, stayed and sniffed around, observing him from a few feet away! Both my sister and my mom were there, so this was extremely supervised, but knowing that they’ve made this much progress in this short of a time period is exciting! For now, we’re keeping these visits under an hour, and will continue the pattern for about a week, just to be safe.

This evening, both cats will get extra attention AND meet their dad! SUCH an exciting day!!!

A Tail of Two Kitties, PT 2

Night update! 

It’s officially been 24 hours, and so much has changed already! 

We found that Remus had a BAD case of fleas, so after a good brushing with a nit-comb, he was rid of about 11 large adult fleas. Some were smaller, but most were swollen and about as large as a ceramic sewing needle head :( (thank you to my wonderful sis who did the combing while I was at work). Then, we made a mixture of lemongrass and eucalyptus oils to get rid of any we may have missed, and repel other fleas. 

Since the de-fleaing, he’s been much less talkative, and as of right now (about 10 pm) he’s been sound asleep for 3 hours. Compared to last night, when he would wake every hour or so and mew til he fell back asleep, it’s an amazing change. He’s still in the guest room, and loving the space and the toys. 

Morgana, meanwhile, is doing better as well. While still not happy, her demeanor has changed from a wary, spooked out cat, to just a grumpy “why are you here,” so it’s quite possible that we might start doing visual familiarization this weekend! We have a baby gate that Morgana doesn’t jump over, but we would need to make sure Remus doesn’t climb on it. 

Today, once I got off of work, was all about Morgana. I fed her roast chicken when I got home, and held her while I was doing some chores around the house, then I took her upstairs to my room (remember it still smells like Remus), and spent more quality time with her there. I fed her some of her favorite wet food, which, while my room still smelled like Remus, was inching closer to the positive association of his scent (meanwhile, Remus couldn’t care less. It’ll be a lot easier for him to like Morgana than the other way around). After about 45 minutes of staying in our room, Morgana was back to her chirruping, sassy self, and loving in me as if I didn’t Trojan horse another cat into her territory. Yay! 

I foresee a quiet night ahead, so hopefully, my next update will be more progress! ​