Preparation: a marriage of chaos and bullet points

To build off of my last post, I wanted to show a little glimpse into the preparation I went  through in order to create my 30-45 minute webinar.

Timeline :

Late January: topic proposal for campus workshop
Early February: rough outline (topics covered, length, etc)
Late February: workshop proposal expands into university-wide webinar
Early March: outline & presentation rough draft
Mid-March (NOW! [crap]): Revise presentation slides & flesh out talking points, examples.

(nope. no specific dates here. mainly because everything’s been a blur)

The Process:

  1. Find your objective:
    1. To provide the knowledge and resources necessary to aid in discerning between biased, fake, and true news sources.
  2. Gather resources:
    1. References
    2. Digital-News-Report-2016
    3. critical_thinking_sheet
    4. how-to-spot-fake-news
  3. Create your outline:
    1. Outline
  4. Fill your presentation (thanks Prezi!)
  5. Revise outline into talking points
    1. OutlineTalkingPoints
  6. Revise presentation to more accurately reflect and show talking points
    1. Insert specific examples
    2. Verify facts & sources
    3. Make sure slides are devoid of spelling, grammar, and factual errors
  7. Check media & links 
  8. Practice!Practice!Practice!Practice!Practice!Practice!Practice!Practice!Practice!
  9. Have I mentioned practice? 
  10. Present

Phew. I’ve missed projects. I’ve missed researching, but PHEW. Anyone have chocolate & a a secluded napping spot?