My Saturday night is better than yours…

A good book always needs a good soundtrack. To check out what I’m listening to, click here!

I’m on the final pages of Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series that I started this past October. It’s SO amazing- wonderful characters, phenomenal plot, brilliant use of word play and descriptors…positively fantastic.


New Beginnings, I hope

Trained for an hour & a half at the shop today. I’m so glad to be working again. *phew* and I didn’t realize how much I’d missed working with coffee. It’s like having phantom limb syndrome, only one day, the limb is miraculously there again.
I had to wear this shirt for my family of coffee professionals back home. Without them, I wouldn’t know some of what I know today.
And for some reason, I actually felt pretty in my chucks, jean shorts, & tshirt. this is a new phenom. I haven’t felt pretty in a while. okay shut up. Yeah, it’s a personal thing. I love my body and everything, but it’s a mindset. I actually caught a couple of second or third glances & full-body glances, which hasn’t happened in quite some time either. (I’ve perfected the “haggard, overworked full time work+grad school” look, which has the cuteness level of a two-day-dead-fish, so stuff like that hasn’t happened in…well, since at least before this past spring semester.)
So I’m feeling kind of fantastic today.


Look through my eyes and the world will seem upside down and inside out.
Perspective is all i have, and spinning gold threads from the scraps of life is a full time job.
Hunting the good moments down and trapping them in jars like fireflies has left me blind.
You would be to, if you had to look at the sun to find a star every day.

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fahrenheit 451

Buzzfeed featured this article about a new binding for Ray Bradbury’s famous novel, Fahrenheit 451, designed by Elizabeth Perez.

Personally, this idea took my very breath away. This particular work of Bradbury’s is what propelled me headlong into a lifetime problem with book lust. The tale of Faber and the futuristic distopian society in which he lives still catches in my throat, even after reading my worn copy dozens of times.