About the Rebel Librarianess

Spacey Librarian

I am a notorious procrastinator so, of course, I created this blog in a sudden fit of anti-productivity one night, when I should have been finishing an assignment for grad school. As one does.

Now, with some thought, and after several months of being without a computer, I’ve revamped the blog to be a little less procrastination-station, and more focused.

I’m a library professional currently living in Colorado, who hates free-time about as much as I hate spiders. At any given moment, I’ll be in the midst of multiple projects, and multiple books. Rebellibrarianess is where I turn to organize those projects, my thoughts, and sundry. My cat, Morgana le Faeline, will also make the occasional appearance, as she’s a perfect combination of soot sprite and pseudo-dragon.

A segment called Books & Bourbon is where I write-sometimes rant- about the various books that I’ve finished, and accompany them with a drink recipe (alcoholic and non-alcoholic. I’m not a complete lush.) It will seem a bit hectic at first, as I catch up on the books I’ve read, but haven’t written about, and from then on out, it will (if all things go according to plan) be a weekly segment. Books & Bourbon also has a tumblr here, where I jot down thoughts, updates, and shorter summaries of my latest literary prey.






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