Dear Presidential Candidates

The more accurate title of this post should be “Dear Mr. Santorum,” but each of the GOP candidates have been guilty of this at one point in time.

However, this is focusing on last night’s circus of a GOP “debate.” Between Trump trying to insult his way into the Oval Office, Fioria apparently not knowing how to fact check her statements or supporting media, and Carson showing that one doesn’t have to be completely intelligent to become a neurosurgeon…It’s a mess. Unfortunately, the “not my circus, not my monkeys” ideal cannot be applied, since all of these goons are attempting to win a bid for the President of the United States. (this time, my threat of moving to Canada is a very real idea)

Last evening, Santorum, a candidate who is far from a front-runner in the rat race, made several statements that belittled the idea of women serving in combat arms positions, claiming that they are too emotional and weak to handle the stress. To be frank, he’s dead wrong, and this is my response to his statement.
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Famous Last Words

I came back. eventually, I suppose.

Apologies I’ve been MIA for the past 3 months. Between concerts, travels, a car wreck, and various other “such is life” moments, I’ve neglected one of my favorite past times.

However, I’m back in the saddle, and I’ve a doozy for you today. It’s navigating a bit far from my usual posts, but it’s necessary. It’s political. It’s something I’ve had inside of me for quite some time.