Cancer Awareness Month

cancer awareness

September is National Cancer Awareness Month, and while we need to remember survivors and those who are fighting cancer every day of the year, this month, we need to take some extra time and give back to the charities and causes that work tirelessly to provide support and help to those effected.
Pura Vida created unique, hand crafted bracelets that raise money for over 11 different cancer organizations (3 shown here).
If you’re looking for organizations that are TRULY non-profit and dedicated to providing aid to those effected, (unlike the Susan B. Comen Foundation, American Breast Cancer Foundation, and the dozens on this list: CNN’s Worst Charities in America) check out Pura Vida.

Check out their website here:
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I have several (okay many… a lot…and will definitely buy more) of their bracelets, and they’re gorgeous, waterproof, and give back directly to the local Costa Rican artisans that make them. In addition to their regular line, they have over 175 charities that they’ve partnered with, creating a unique bracelet for each one, and they’re always open to helping more charitable organizations.