New Beginnings, I hope

Trained for an hour & a half at the shop today. I’m so glad to be working again. *phew* and I didn’t realize how much I’d missed working with coffee. It’s like having phantom limb syndrome, only one day, the limb is miraculously there again.
I had to wear this shirt for my family of coffee professionals back home. Without them, I wouldn’t know some of what I know today.
And for some reason, I actually felt pretty in my chucks, jean shorts, & tshirt. this is a new phenom. I haven’t felt pretty in a while. okay shut up. Yeah, it’s a personal thing. I love my body and everything, but it’s a mindset. I actually caught a couple of second or third glances & full-body glances, which hasn’t happened in quite some time either. (I’ve perfected the “haggard, overworked full time work+grad school” look, which has the cuteness level of a two-day-dead-fish, so stuff like that hasn’t happened in…well, since at least before this past spring semester.)
So I’m feeling kind of fantastic today.

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