What does “no” mean and how do I learn?

I love being busy- I mean, I absolutely love it.

High school saw me running around KC between high school classes, college classes, work, community orchestra, community theater, volunteering at church, taxiing my sisters around, and sports (off and on)

College saw me shun sleep for choir, concert band, Drumline, orchestra (principle cellist for 2years), cello lessons, theater- both acting, behind the scenes, and volunteering, working at the library- reference and circ, taking extra classes to graduate early, accapella choir, managing the coffeeshop full time, and being on the exec board of 4 different clubs.

Present day:
Full time job
Full time grad student
Master’s thesis in the works
NYDC’s competitive roster
DCH Dragon boat racing, plus now training for Italy world champs next summer
And I was just given the position of a copy editor for the IQA.

I love this, but holy sweet Jesus

Second Place

Second place is bullshit.
Whoever said “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game,” lost the game.
Second place is for 1st losers.
Looking for excuses?
Looking for a way to get out? 
Look for 2nd place.
Ask anyone how they feel about 2nd place.
Did they like it? No.
Did Napoleon like coming in 2nd at Waterloo?
Did Hector like coming in 2nd to Achilles? No.
Stop looking for excuses and look to win. 
If your best isn’t good enough, then work harder. 

If you aren’t wearing your insides on your outsides
because you ran so hard you ran out of your skin,
you’re not working hard enough. 
If you can still hear the footsteps pounding on the pavement behind you,
then you’re not running hard enough. 
If your hands aren’t calloused or bleeding after practices,
you aren’t working hard enough. 
If you don’t give 100% in practice,
why the hell would you give 100% in a game? 

You have to know what 100% feels like to give it.