Do you swear?

We swear the sincerity of our love by so many things:

We swear by the sun- burning passion with an intensity that can warm your very bones and set you on fire.
We swear on the moon- the calm sentinel that caresses your form with its soft, pale glow, a guiding light in the loneliest of nights.
We swear by the stars- those countless, glimmering lights set in the velvet background of the sky- the night watchmen, guiding your steps even in the most hopeless of times.

But what of it? The sun, the moon, the stars- the heavens aren’t constant, the stars we pledge by have long since passed when your fervent whispers pin your devotion on their shoulders.
The moon is cold, barren, and the sun is blinding, constantly burning all that stray too close.

For my love, I will swear by gravity.
I swear by every breath I take, every beat of my heart, every cell in my body.

Tear me apart, remake our souls into something neither of us could possibly imagine. I want to feel the push and pull of us in every fiber of my being.
Pull me closer, hold me tight and  never let go, for I want to be with you until the universe stops spinning.
You are my gravity, the constant force that keeps me together, that gives me direction, makes me feel alive, anchoring me to the green grass that our feet crush as we walk.
Spin me, whirl me, with you my heart has wings and I can soar.
You magnetize my body, pulling me everywhere at once because with you I feel so alive.
You’ve caught me in your orbit and I never want to leave.
For you, whoever you are, I will swear by gravity.


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