Seduce me with sound

To me, words aren’t merely a method of homosapien communication, but an expression. Words can convey such an array of emotions, it’s astounding.
Words, simple syllables strung together, can make me furious, heartbroken, terrified, and completely overjoyed.
Speak the words family, prairie, field, harvest, autumn, bonfire- and I am consumed with contentment, longing, homesickness, and a warmth that spreads throughout my entire being.
Mention words like ignorance Holocaust, bigotry, book burning, Red Scare, slaughter, and my mind is full of loathing, anger, and revenge.
Utter the words betrayal, loneliness, “used to be,” “in loving memory,” lost, aftermath, and my chest fills with an ache that leaves a chasm in my heart infinitely deep and dark.
But words have the ability to do so much more.
Stay. Beautiful. Captivating. Brilliant. Timeless. Priceless. Eternity. Dawn. Anew. Irreplaceable. Rising. Comfort. Caress. Tantalizing. Wonder. Taste.
I go weak at the knees. My mind goes hazy, my words dry up.
A well written paragraph is as seductive to me as a candlelit diner, a sentence concealing heartfelt emotions is more than a bouquet of flowers.
There isn’t any need for Shakespeare, a flowery quote with college-educated words, but take the time to pour your heart into a sentence and you’ve captured me.
Let me loose in a field of sentimental syllables, help me find my way through a maze constructed of raw emotions.
People have said that all a woman asks for is chocolate and roses- No, send me a letter with your very heart trapped in the ink, and I’m yours.


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