Those interesting life facts nobody actually tells us…

So, for the past… 5 years, I’ve been bouncing around the US from state to state, house to dorm to house to apartment… you get the point.

So, throughout all of that, I probably paid more for postage than I did fueling my coffee addiction… and that’s saying something. THEN, this morning, thanks to the hilarious, amazing, and awesome Ricky Van Veen (founder of CollegeHumor- maybe you’ve been to the site… if not…where the hell have you been on the internet? …on second thought, I don’t want to know), I found THIS awesome chart I’ll post below. (and this LINK will show you the chart for wherever YOU live, if it’s not NYC)

This is the UPS outbound delivery map for the basic ground delivery package from NYC.
YELLOW: your package will get there in a day
MUSTARD-y whatever that is…: your package will get to its destination in 2 days
GREEN: it’ll be on their doorstep in 3 days
RED: after 4 days, your cargo will be in their hands
ORANGE: 5 days! woohoo!
GREY: you live in the boonies. even ALASKA gets packages faster than you… but it’ll only take 6 days

outbound shipping

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